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Article published at: Apr 6, 2023 Article tag: inclusivity
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All Hoteliers Circle Editorial

Rina Rizzi, a Guardian of the LGBT+ Culture and Inclusive Tourism Inspector, has been involved in tourism for almost 30 years, paying special attention to the needs of LGBT community.

For 12 years Rina has been designated in Europe to coordinate all tourism inspections with the goal of verifying compliance with local and international standards for the inclusion of guests with disabilities, of all cultures, genders and religions.

Today, Rina is the CEO of LGBT+GO International Travel - a unique tour operator that soon will face new challenges in a major and remarkable corporate merger. In this exclusive article, she is sharing her advice on inclusivity as the new normal for hospitality.

Why is inclusivity important for hospitality?
Inclusivity is critical to hospitality because it ensures that all guests, regardless of their background or identity, feel welcomed and valued in the facility. When a
company shows commitment to inclusivity, it helps create an environment of mutual respect and understanding, which leads to greater customer loyalty and
satisfaction. Moreover, having a diverse and inclusive workforce can help attract a wider range of customers and provide unique perspectives that enhance the
guest experience. Basically, creating an inclusive environment in hospitality is essential to foster a sense of belonging, promote equality and ensure that every
guest feels heard, seen and valued.
Inclusive tourism for the LGBT community means offering tourism destinations and services that are open and welcoming to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender travellers. The goal is to make LGBT people feel comfortable and safe while travelling, without worrying about discrimination or hostility.
Creating inclusive tourism means recognizing and respecting the diversity of the LGBT community and taking steps to ensure that every aspect of the travel
experience is inclusive, from accommodations and transportation to restaurants, bars and entertainment.
The benefits of inclusive tourism for the LGBT community are clear: it provides a feeling of safety, comfort and security during the trip and helps foster a sense of
community and connection. It also helps break down stereotypes and prejudices about the LGBT community and promotes greater understanding and
acceptance. For businesses addressing to the LGBT community, it can also be good for the bottom line, as LGBT travellers tend to be particularly loyal and
frequent customers.
Overall, creating an inclusive tourism industry for the LGBT community is a win-win: it benefits both the LGBT community and local businesses and economies,
and helps make travel a more welcoming and positive experience for all.

What are the ways to implement inclusive practices in hotels?
In general, promoting inclusivity in hotels is not just a trending topic, but a need. Hotels that make inclusivity as a part of their core mission not only become more
relevant, but can benefit from media, positive feedback and increased customer satisfaction.

Some rules:
● Using gender-neutral language in all hotel communications and advertising, including websites, brochures, signs, and menus.
● Diversity and inclusion in hiring: Hotel management can ensure that the hiring process is inclusive and actively seeks people from a wide range of backgrounds. Providing training to all hotel staff on gender and LGBTQ+ issues, including how to provide culturally sensitive and respectful services and support.
● Educating hotel employees on the importance of treating all the guests fairly and respectfully, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion,
can ensure that all the guests receive equal treatment.
● Providing accessible facilities: The hotel can make available rooms, ramps, and other features to accommodate guests with disabilities.
● LGBTQ+-friendly policies: Developing policies that promote inclusivity, diversity, and respect for guests and employees who identify as LGBTQ+.
● Engaging with the local LGBTQ+ community to create visibility and promote inclusivity in the surrounding community.

What are the new challenges related to your tour operator?
For our TO, while waiting to finalize all the formalities of revisiting and reinterpreting our brand, we are approaching towards new markets that we had initially put on the back burner.
We are looking for new hotels and resorts that can satisfy our most demanding customers in the Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE and Africa.
We want to offer our clients true excellence with new partners sharing our idea of holidays.

About LGBT+GO International Travel
LGBT+ Go International Travel is part of the LGBT International Group with 40 years of experience in the Travel industry, putting together distinctive tours and holidays and ensuring every traveller gets the experience they deserve.