Implementing QR codes for your business

Article published at: Dec 20, 2021 Article tag: ideas
Implementing QR codes for your business
All Hoteliers Circle Editorial

Today, QR codes are well-known, becoming an essential part of almost every business. Starting as something new for most of users, now they are a handy part of daily lives, and here we will talk about how you can successfully integrate codes into your operations, using them for advertising, recruitment, and day-to-day activities at the site.


Create your code

To attach a website or function to a code, use a specialized site or a QR generating app, widely available online with most of basic features free of charge. You will then need to save the graphics you've created to use it on your menus, posters, or stickers.


Attract talents

Connect the recruitment QR code to the careers homepage or make a special page with staff testimonials to make it more interesting. This would make your company appear more developed and approachable to candidates, who would be more likely to apply immediately using their phone.


Host your digital menus and brochures

Table tents, banners, takeaway menus can all have QR codes printed on them. This will let the customers access a digital copy of the file and even keep it in their phone as a reminder.


Provide immediate access to services


Create a code taking your customers directly to the booking page, allowing them to reserve a room, restaurant table or additional services without needing to dial reservations.


Share your favorite recipes and culinary tales

Keep a small QR code beside your signature dishes in the printed menus. Customers might be directed to recipes or cooking tips by scanning the code. 


Tell the wine stories

While you may not always have a sommelier in every outlet, QR codes in your beverage menus can be a great alternative, telling stories about selected drinks and their perfect pairings.


Collect priceless feedback

Ask for guest feedback by placing a QR code on the tabletop or receipt. Even not having special programming, you can use open-source software like Google Forms to collect surveys.


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