Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown appoints Cecilia Natalia Hage as head of Marketing

Article published at: Aug 10, 2022 Article tag: Middle East
Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown appoints Cecilia Natalia Hage as head of Marketing
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Cecilia Natalia Hage has been appointed as the new Marketing Public Relations Manager at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown. Cecilia will lead the team with the wealth of knowledge she had gained while working with big multinational companies in various industries across the world, including Oculus Meta, Parrot, NBCUniversal, Burberry, L'Oral, BNP Paribas, Schneider Electric, and Intercontinental Hotels Group.

With this new role at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown, Cecilia has come full circle since her first internship in 2013 was also at Intercontinental Hotels Group, in one of its most iconic hotels Phoenicia in Beirut. In her new position, Cecilia aims to disrupt the marketing field in the hospitality industry with innovative and bold campaigns. She is looking to boost the hotels business both internationally amongst tourists looking for an exceptional stay, and amongst residents like herself who are eager to live truly unforgettable and shareable experiences.

Cecilia has always had a passion for Marketing and Communications and wanted to use her creativity in that field. Determined to make this a career, Cecilia enrolled in some of the best universities in the world; McGill University (Canada) and Bocconi (Italy) for her Bachelor of Commerce, and ESADE Business School (Spain) for her Masters in Marketing Management. She has also majored in Finance and International Business at university to understand all pillars of a business and eventually launch her own brand one day.

Cecilia can immerse herself in any professional industry. She really believes that understanding the brand itself, its values, and especially why it exists are the most important things. Once shes aligned with these, she lets her creativity and her outgoing personality operate, all the while being in line with the business objectives.

Having traveled and lived in countries all over the world since she was a child (France, Lebanon, Canada, Italy, Spain, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and now UAE), Cecilia is able to draw from different cultures and adapt quickly to new environments. A true multicultural enthusiast, Cecilia learned to speak 5 languages: French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Italian.

When she is not working, Cecilia enjoys singing, playing the guitar, blogging, photography and sports. She loves entertainment, discovering new restaurants and places to visit, meeting new people, and most of all, traveling.

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