Twin chefs Dominik Sato and Fabio Toffolon take up the helm at two of The Chedi Andermatt’s restaurants

Article published at: Jul 3, 2023 Article tag: Europe
The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland
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“Ichi-go ichi-e” is the Japanese four character idiom – or “yojijukugo” – that celebrates the art of living every moment. It is this concept that is embodied by an exhilarating new menu created by the new Executive Chef twin duo, Dominik Sato and Fabio Toffolon, for The Japanese Restaurant (1 Michelin star, 17 GaultMillau points) and The Japanese by The Chedi Andermatt (1 Michelin star, 15 GaultMillau points).

Since May of this year, the twins have been showcasing elite culinary skills and creativity at The Chedi Andermatt, elevating the Japanese statement cuisine of the five-star deluxe hotel to a whole new level. Painstaking preparation techniques, excellent ingredients and a pinch of creativity are hallmarks of their first omakase menu. Whether they are serving Balfego Tuna, Royal Dove, Wagyu or their signature dish of Black Cod and Yuzu Miso Sauce, the twins bring a modern twist and culinary lightness to Andermatt tables. The new dream team is complemented by native Japanese Yoshiko Sato, who is married to Dominik Sato and is responsible for the restaurant’s delectable patisserie.

Commencing their role in May 2023, this appointment marks the first time that the Schaffhausen-born twins have run a restaurant together. Born in 1989, they not only represent the new generation of culinary excellence and ingenuity but also embody The Chedi philosophy of Alpine and Asian culture. Thanks to their well-seasoned expertise in authentic Japanese cuisine, which is underpinned by fierce passion and creativity, the culinary concept remains unchanged in both of the fine-dining restaurants.

Prior to this position, both Sato and Toffolon worked in leading positions with the best chefs in Switzerland and Europe, setting them up perfectly to make their joint mark on the cuisine of Andermatt’s finest hotell.


Taste the difference: Modern interpretations of Fine Japanese dining

‘Balfego Tuna with Daikon, Mioga and Shishito Pepper’, ‘King Crab with Finger Limes, Dashi and Peas’ and ‘Shiitake Essence with Enoki and Edamame’ are among the twins’ first creations.

“We tweaked, tasted, experimented, discussed, perfected and then threw out entire flavour combinations, until we could 100 per cent stand behind our joint premiere menu,” says Dominik Sato. “We’re all the prouder of our first complete culinary work of art,” adds Fabio Toffolon.

Highlights include the ‘Shidashi-Bento Lunch’ and the Omakase Menu at The Japanese by The Chedi Andermatt (located at 2300 metres amongst the mountain peaks), and the four- to six-course Modern Omakase Menu at The Japanese Restaurant.

‘Omakase’ means “trust the cook,” which diners most certainly can, as they experience the exquisite care with which the components are placed on dishes, and the love of detail that goes into the presentation. The flavours embody the perfected passion for unusual dishes and first-class product quality, which is championed by the twins when sourcing ingredients.

The twins are currently intending to lead both fine-dining restaurants jointly, complementing and enriching each other, whilst enjoying the unique style each takes to their work. Every quarter, guests can look forward to new, seasonal menus, the natural exception to this being when the twins have a new spur-of-the-moment umami idea. 

A family affair: Yoshiko Sato in charge of patisserie

The Chedi Andermatt has achieved another coup in patisserie. Dominik Sato’s wife Yoshiko Sato is from Japan and is the person responsible for the twins’ passion for Japanese culture and cuisine that has influenced their dishes for many years now.

A talented and successful patissière in her own right, Yoshiko Sato has now followed her husband and brother-in-law to The Chedi Andermatt. She takes her place in the new dream-team, and is responsible for patisserie in The Japanese Restaurant and The Japanese by The Chedi Andermatt. With her deep-rooted experience in high-end gastronomy – including time spent at The Dolder Grand Hotel and Victor's Fine Dining by Christian Bau – she gives the sweet creations of this five-star deluxe hotel a touch more Japanese authenticity.