5 tips to make the best of your next networking event

Article published at: Nov 6, 2021 Article tag: ideas
5 tips to make the best of your next networking event
All Hoteliers Circle Editorial

A wide network of contacts is essential for your success, especially if you work in a fast-paced international environment.

Here is how you can multiply your contacts and make maximum use of the upcoming meetups.

Meetup events are not only about dating. Although, it is amazing if you can find your soulmate at one of those, this kind of gatherings are great networking opportunities and can get you plenty of useful business contacts or even open a new career door.
 1. Don't forget your business cards
 If your want to create an impression of a professional, grab some business cards with you to share. Even if the event is set up at a bar or at the beach, a neat card with all the necessary details is a much better way to share your contacts than giving your WhatsApp number or connecting on Facebook.

2. Step out of your usual circle

 It is always easier to communicate with someone from the same country, speaking the same language or working in the same department. However, staying inside a bubble, you are losing great opportunities of meeting new exciting people that might really help you in your career or become your good friends. Moreover, if your potential new boss is around, he would surely appreciate someone whose communication skills are not limited by the comfort zone.

The best thing is that these kinds of events are made for people to talk to each other, so you will rarely have awkward silence moments. So get out and mingle!

 3. Don't talk only about work
 Although hotelier networking events are made for the people of the same industry, discussing the daily operations shouldn't be the only option. As we all come from the same sector, we know pretty well how the thing works, so talking about the same things all evening, even if it is about different companies, can be somehow boring.

Use this chance to show yourself as an interesting person and pick a topic outside of your office routine. It can be hobbies, funny stories, countries and cities you have been to etc. And as the attendees are coming from the same industry, most probably you also have a lot of common contacts. That also can start a good conversation!

4. Get use of your LinkedIn page

 While Facebook is made for sharing your personal life, your LinkedIn profile is a great tool to show your professional experience and skills. A well-presented page, filled with the details, is a good enhancement of your usual resume and will help you stay in touch with the people you met at the networking event. Who knows, maybe one of them will be interested enough to offer you a new job. And don't be shy to ask for references from your previous colleagues, it also creates a great impression.
5. Opt for a smart casual look

We all want to feel maximum comfort while having a drink at the bar or dancing at a club. But remember that the first impression is very important, and most probably people you met will remember that you were wearing that inappropriate baseball t-shirt or extremely short skirt for a networking event. The same applies to untidy clothes and dirty shoes. This might let them imagine you as a lousy person, not taking care of the details. So better at the mirror twice before you go out for the next event.