Ensuring smooth operations with the best hotel suppliers

Having a trusted supplier is crucial for the success of your operations. Below you will find a list or notable sources of food, beverages, in-room amenities, logistic services, operations support, and more.

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  • Julius Meinl

    A premium coffee and tea brand in the hospitality and catering industry worldwide. Today, the Julius Meinl Coffee Group has subsidiaries and sales partners on-site in over 70 countries.

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  • Newby Tea

    The world’s most awarded luxury tea brand, which was founded in London at the turn of the millennium with a clear mission - to reintroduce quality tea and revive the world’s love for it.

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Food & Beverage Hotel Suppliers

F&B Suppliers in Asia & Indian Ocean

Euromarketing, Maldives

Founded in August 1997, the main purpose of Euro Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is to deliver daily merchantable non-alcoholic beverages and other snacks to the rapidly growing tourism industry of the Maldives and to the local general trade.


Di-Vine, Maldives

Maldives’ pre-eminent fine wine importer and supplier, with an unbeatable portfolio of over 450 wines from global producers, ranging from household names to smaller, independent family owned and niche, recherché winemakers.


F&B Suppliers in Middle East & Africa

Spinneys, UAE

Spinneys is the largest liquor distributor and retailer in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. We and our regional partners represent such luminary brands as Heineken, Moet&Chandon, Belvedere, Jack Daniels, Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Concha Y Torro and The Macallan.


Modern Bakery, UAE

With a workforce of over 1,500, it produces 2,500 different types of bakery items, breads, pastries, Arabic sweets, confectionary, muffins, cakes and biscotti’s are just a fraction of the variety of products. 


  • Beyond Menus, Indonesia

    One-stop shop for operating supplies and equipment for the hospitality industry with an extensive range of high-quality products for every budget.

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  • Beautyrest®, USA

    Enhancing your guest’s sleep performance with innovative hospitality and commercial bedding solutions align to meet brand requirements – from economy to luxury.

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Housekeeping Essentials Hotel Suppliers

Housekeeping Suppliers in Europe

Elementura, Germany

Enables hotels, SPAs and airlines to reduce their impact on the environment, offering the most eco-friendly options while placing importance on guest experience and affordability.


Housekeeping Suppliers in Americas

Principle Brands, USA

We provide distinctive amenity brands and products to leading hotels, resorts and spas worldwide. Our luxurious amenity and linen collections incorporate 25+ years of product innovation.


American Hotel Register, USA

Supporting the growth of hospitality since 1865. With award-winning interior design and full project procurement, we’re the most equipped team in the industry to support your new hotel openings, property renovations, and brand upgrades.


Housekeeping Suppliers in Asia & Indian Ocean

Forisca, India

Providing sustainable alternatives to cosmetic essentials and accessories in addition to using certified- biodegradable and compostable packaging.


Navigate, China

The factory specializes in the manufacturing of Aluminum and Stainless Steel Bottles. Whether you have your own designs or looking for ready items, we can assist you fast and efficiently.


Housekeeping Suppliers in Middle East & Africa


A fully integrated supplier of furnishing supplies, amenities and accessories of the highest standards, from some of the best brand names in the hospitality industry. 


  • Spa World, UAE

    An established wholesale dealer, supplier and distributor of Spa Products and equipment in the UAE, offering a wide range of high quality spa- recreation consumables and accessories for beauty salons, spa's, hotels and wellness centres.

  • Tropical Fitness, Maldives

    Official Distributor of Technogym in Maldives - a premier world leader in the design of fitness and wellness equipment.

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Hotel Suppliers for Spa & Wellness

Hotel Spa & Wellness Suppliers in Europe

Phoenix Import, Netherlands

Wholesaler and importer of spiritual and gift products, make an effort to make the business processes more sustainable.


Kamique, Poland

An international wholesale cosmetics company whose liability in business is unquestionable and which operates as a distributor and supplier in beauty market.


NORHD, Germany

Manufactured and handcrafted in our modern facility in Nordhorn, Germany, NOHrD designs and produces high-end sports equipment, including cable machines, exercise benches, wall bars and free weights.


Hotel Spa & Wellness Suppliers in Americas

Takara Belmont, USA

The world leader in Salon and Spa Design, Salon Equipment Manufacturing and Dental Equipment Manufacturing.


Hotel Spa & Wellness Suppliers in Asia & Indian Ocean

Esthetica, India

Combining innovation, expertise, latest woodworking machines and skilled craftsmen we are committed to create wooden spa furniture that is modern, functional and aesthetically appealing.


Takara Belmont, Japan

The world leader in Salon and Spa Design, Salon Equipment Manufacturing and Dental Equipment Manufacturing.


Hotel Spa & Wellness Suppliers in Middle East & Africa

Orchid Castle, UAE

Orchid Castle aims to offer a world class range of finest, superior quality, best functionality and modern design spa equipment and accessories.




Carrying state-of-the-art, high-quality and cost-effective salon equipment for the Beauty Salon industry for a several professional top brands and serving more than 1,000 parlors and spa here in UAE and Middle East.


  • Menucorp, Australia

    Manufacturers of unique, high-quality and custom menu cover designs for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and the accommodation industries.

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  • Bark Ornament, Sri Lanka

    Capitalizing on the expertise and experiences, we are mainly supplying printed materials and ornaments to Hotels and resorts in Maldives, Sri Lanka, Seychelles.

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Printed Supplies for Hotels

Hotel Print Suppliers in Europe

Tamarillo, France

Designing, sourcing and delivering for guests, VIP clients, corporate giveaways, welcome packs, room & spa amenities, kids clubs gifts and staff presents.


Hotel Print Suppliers in Americas

Mobilo, USA

Aiming to eliminate paper business cards and the associated waste and pollution they cause, our smart digital business cards empower better business connections across the globe and give you an opportunity to do your part to save the planet.


Hotel Print Suppliers in Asia & Indian Ocean

Novelty, Maldives

From manual stencil to letterpress to offset printing, the company today is the nation's largest and leading provider of printing, publishing and related services.


Hotel Print Suppliers in Middle East & Africa


Provides smart QR code, NFC and cloud solutions for businesses in the service and hospitality industries. Increase your revenue, boost customer satisfaction, and cut costs.


  • NVK Designs, UAE

    The company designs, manufactures and supplies uniforms to all sectors within the Hospitality industry with an extensive list of clients which comprise of 5-star individual and chain hotels and resorts.

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  • OceanR, Ireland

    Sustainable and ethically made clothing and products for businesses, consumers and sports clubs, made using eco-friendly fabrics and materials, inducing recycled ocean plastic.

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Hotel Uniform Producers

Hotel Uniform Suppliers in Europe

Inline London, UK

Leading supplier of bespoke design corporate clothing, staff uniforms and branded workwear.


Backlabel, Italy

New wellnesswear concept and new attitude toward life, truth and beauty, for all women and men in constant search of refinement and quality.


Hotel Uniform Suppliers in Americas

Cintas, Cananda

Thousands of companies across North America trust their business and brand image to the power of the Cintas Uniform.


Alsco Uniforms, USA

Born in 1889 out of towel delivery and uniform rental in today we serve 355,000 customers by way of more than 180 locations worldwide.




Uniform Suppliers in Asia & Indian Ocean

Yogue Activewear, India

We have set out to create the most comfortable, the most stylish and the most loved fitness-casual wear brand of India.


Hotel Uniform Suppliers in Middle East & Africa

Dgrade, UAE

With an increasing desire for sustainable products from consumers and a growing need to address plastic pollution, DGrade has developed Greenspun® a high-quality yarn made from recycled plastic water bottles. We are the only company to manage the full supply chain from plastic bottle collection through to clothing production.


SRS Uniforms, UAE

Altered Uniforms and work wear is our mastery, anything from head-to-toe that requires sewing, weaving and printing with worldwide quality principles.


  • Zoom Maldives

    Resort photography,  lifestyle photo shooting, wedding photography, individual photo sessions, vacation photography, underwater and astrophotography.

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  • Ciprian Florescu

    Leading design, development and implementation of campaigns and concepts.
    Developing all kinds of artworks: logos, brand identity, digital, hotel signages, e-mail newsletters, printed collaterals.

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  • Ione Green Productions

    Creating marketing content with impact to attract your desired guests:

    - Photography: Exteriors, interiors, lifestyle, gastronomy and 360º

    - Aerial photos with the latest technology drones.

    - Promotional videos in 4K - Virtual reality

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Content Providers For Hotels

Madalina Mitroi | Graphic Design

Graphic designer and Illustrator. Digital and printed media support, app design, packaging and infographics.

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Al Hadeed | Translation Services

Offering legal, financial, medical, technical, and marketing content translation in more than 120 languages.

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Momentary Awe | Photography

Catalin Marin is a professional photographer based for the last 15 years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, specializing in architectural, interior and lifestyle imagery.

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