Successful onboarding = success stories

Article published at: Oct 23, 2021 Article tag: know-how
Successful onboarding = success stories
All Hoteliers Circle Editorial
Tatsiana Baravik is talking about the importance of proper employees onboarding in the property's success. Being in the industry for 17 years she starter her career as an Intern in F&B and then switched it entirely to Human Resources. Tatsiana's areas of expertise are L&D, recruitment and retention and employee relations, and she has worked for various hotel brands in the US and the UAE. 

The hospitality industry has evolved over time. Hotels have adopted their service to match market demands and continue to thrive via innovative ideas. As we know, employees play a major role in the success of any company and hospitality is no exception to that. As employers we expect our associates to be the best of the best so they can drive the business. HR professionals spend hours recruiting talent BUT unfortunately, not all of them succeed or last in the company. 

Being in the industry for quite some time and having exposure to the operation and Human Resources, I believe that proper Onboarding in place is one of the major factors that we tend to overlook. I am not referring to the standard paperwork that everyone has to sign, but to the experience and the journey that would showcase a proper welcome to the new team members. I believe that the structured approach from recruitment, to the first day, to the properly executed training and needed to follow up, will make people feel that they belong, they are welcomed and they are taken care of. Associates who feel that way would be motivated and willing to give back to the company. Another key here is to stay consistent, which is so hard to do considering the busy operational lives hoteliers have. 

My recommendation to the hotels would be to structure and adopt their onboarding process in such a way that they can commit to it at all times and make it a part of their DNA. It won't be easy, but will definitely pay off in the long run when it comes to the talent retention and overall success of an organization.

By Tatsiana Baravik | LinkedIn

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