The home of the world's Tallest Hotels

Article published at: May 10, 2022 Article tag: trends
The home of the world's Tallest Hotels
All Hoteliers Circle Editorial

One city - more than half of the world's tallest hotels... Dubai, the most popular tourist destination of the UAE, locates 6 out of the Top-10 tallest hotels in the world, offering the most astonishing views and experiences to the visitors of the Emirate. Here is the list of the skyscraping properties of Dubai.

1. Gevora Hotel 

Built in 2017, this 4-star property boasts 75 floors up to the sky, being 356.3 metres (1,169 ft) tall.

2. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Being just one meter lower than its top competitor, this stunning hotel is 355 metres (1,165 ft) high and offers 82 floors of exceptional guest facilities.

3. SLS Dubai Hotel and Residences

This new 5-star hotel is already on the top list among the established properties of Dubai, with 78 floors of luxurious rooms, entertainment, and culinary offerings, rising up to 336 metres (1,102 ft).

4. Rose Rayhaan by Rotana

With 72 floors going as high as 333 metres (1,093 ft), this 4-star hotel is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road and offers bird-eye views of the city's business district.

5. Burj Al Arab

The resident of many world's hotel ratings, this unique property stands tall at 321 metres (1,053 ft) with it 56 floors of ultraluxury guest experiences and open sea views.

6. Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Another Jumeirah property closes the Top list with its 309 metres (1,014 ft) - high sister towers and 56 floors of exceptional guest rooms and restaurants.