POST-PANDEMIC SUCCESS: Sindy Lagare - Director of Spa & Wellness

Article published at: Apr 10, 2022 Article tag: Asia
POST-PANDEMIC SUCCESS: Sindy Lagare - Director of Spa & Wellness
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Originally from Mauritius, Sindy delved into the hospitality industry as a secretary, and her fascination with the abundance of cultures she was exposed to led to a long career in the industry. Sindy is responsible for managing daily aspects of the Spa and Wellness of LUX* South Ari Atoll, ensuring excellence in spa operations and guest service.
“With over 15 years of experience in the luxury resorts in Mauritius and Maldives, I have enjoyed the journey at every level and still have loads of passion and determination for what I do. In LUX* South Ari Atoll, we know that wellness aspect of travel is as important as accommodation and food service and we have created a sanctuary for health and wellbeing here. Our LUX* Me concept is all about a personalised approach to everything: be it a customised spa tretament, a personal training session, yoga, meditation, nutrition or a unique combination of everything. We offer individual consultations and tailored programmes to help you jump-start a guest’s wellness routine.
After pandemic times, we see a lot of interest in holistic wellness. Guests are eager not only to relax during a massage but also uplift their spirit with a variety of invigorating practices. Our exclusive all-round packages RELAX, REBOOT, REJUVENATE, and RE-ENERGISE each offer a wonderful mix of treatments and training sessions, curated to target specific concerns of every guest.
Another amazing example of complex approach is our famous Collectable Experiences. From “Eat, Sleep. Repeat” to “Digital Detox”, they all offer an exciting wellbeing journey, making one’s stay at LUX* South Ari Atoll truly unique and memorable. Both wellness packages and Collectable Experiences can be pre-booked prior to the guest’s arrival on at the property. And we are happy to help with picking the one ideally matching individual travel goals.”

Photo credits: Sindy Lagare