Top View: Roshan Radhay, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing - Maldives & GCC, The Lux Collective

Article published at: Mar 17, 2023 Article tag: Asia
Top View: Roshan Radhay, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing - Maldives & GCC, The Lux Collective
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Spearheading marketing for one of the most iconic hotel brands in modern hospitality, Roshan Radhay, coming from Mauritius, is a Middle East & Indian Ocean commercial guru who performs daily magic for The Lux Collective. 

Graduating with an MBA in Business Administration from MANCOSA, South Africa and a BA with honours in International Relations from Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Roshan demonstrates over a decade of success in luxury hospitality, sales and marketing with an exemplary track record, focused on hotel openings and business development.

Today, he is sharing his experience and a friendly advice with all striving for success in the industry.

Roshan Radhay The Lux Collective

Can you give us a brief about your position and responsibilities?

RR: My job title is Vice-President, Sales & Marketing - Maldives & GCC.

Under this role, I overlook the inbound business to LUX* South Ari Atoll in the Maldives, and the outbound business from GCC to all our TLC (ed. The Lux Collective) properties in the Indian Ocean, namely, in Mauritius, Maldives and Reunion.

What are the current trends/challenges in your area?

RR: The current trend is that leisure travel is booming as consumers continue to prioritize spending pandemic-related “excess” savings on travel. Furthermore, with the flexibility of hybrid work here to stay, a new normal is emerging in which leisure travelers increasingly seek homestyle amenities, stay for longer, upgrade their experiences, and take multi-generational trips.

The challenge is to appeal, attract and retain new talents from the new generation to work and stay in the hospitality industry as a career.

What does it take to grow to the executive level in your field?

RR: You have to be relentless and never be satisfied. It is hard to stay relevant and you cannot stay relevant by staying the same. Get complacent for one minute, and you’re going to be toast.

You need to keep mapping out fresh plans based on changing conditions; anticipate trends, and have a strategy in place to capitalise on them.

Any learning sources/techniques you would recommend?

RR: The best learning source is to stay thirsty and hungry to learn. The ability to unlearn, learn, relearn is critical for long term success. Very often, people work hard to get a promotion or until they reach financial stability. After that, the work ethic, passion and obsessiveness is gone. Don't let that happen because this is when you become vulnerable.

What would be your next career step?

RR: Chief Commercial (Sales & Marketing) Officer, Advisory Board Member, or Non-executive Director.

About The Lux Collective
The Lux Collective (“TLC”) is a global luxury hotel operator headquartered in Singapore and manages brands LUX*, SALT, TAMASSA, SOCIO and Café LUX*. Other properties managed by TLC include Hotel Le Recif, Reunion Island and Ile des Deux Cocos, Mauritius, a private paradise island. At the heart of its purpose, TLC makes each moment matter and cares about what matters. Putting people first is the core of TLC’s culture as well as staying true to the values of being passionate, responsible and innovative in all that it does. By providing comfort through thoughtful and exquisite designs, TLC creates experiences that make each moment matter for all guests. It is committed to operating in a considered and respectful manner that is mindful of future generations. Growing the global presence, TLC currently manages 16 operating resorts and hotels in China, Maldives, Mauritius and Ile de la Reunion, and with 11 more hotels in its development pipeline in Europe, Asia and Middle East. An affiliate member of IBL, a major economic player in the Indian Ocean and a public-listed leader of the “Top 100” Mauritian companies, IBL is active in key sectors of the Mauritian economy, with a global portfolio of approximately 300 subsidiaries and associated companies.