10th Hotel opening of Oetker in The Woodward, Geneva

Article published at: Nov 15, 2021 Article tag: openings
10th Hotel opening of Oetker in The Woodward, Geneva
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The Woodward, the recent addition to the Oetker Collection's acquisition of "Magnum Opus Hotels," is officially open. The property, which has only 26 rooms, is positioned on Lake Geneva, with glimpses of the ocean and Mont Blanc. The post-Haussmann-style structure, which dates from 1901, was renovated by architecture and interior decorator BEA SA and Pierre-Yves Rochon architects.


Each of Woodward's 26 residences has a unique design. The Luxury Hotel offers spectacular views from every room, as well as a personal dining room and pergola, and the Imperial Suite, which is reached by an exclusive elevator and built to mimic a Parisian apartment, is the gem in the crown.

Oetker in The Woodward


The Guerlain Spa at The Woodward is described as Geneva's "brand new, premier wellness destination" by Oetker Collection. The Guerlain Spa, which was also the first one in Switzerland, contains six spa treatments, one of which is a double room, all of them having a white onyx basin and an Italian shower. 


Le Jardinier and L'Atelier Robuchon, two Michelin-starred restaurants in New York, are among the hotel's gastronomic offerings. L'Atelier Robuchon features an open cuisine concept and two pre-dining rooms with 36 seats around a counter. Likewise, Le Jardinier serves gourmet dishes that showcase French cooking methods, emphasizing small sources and vegetables purchased within 90 miles of the restaurant.

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The bustling, energetic city provides visitors with memorable attractions like the Plainpalais market, a booming cocktail scene, and Carouge's artisanal workshops. It's worth noting for watch enthusiasts: The Patek Philippe Museum is regarded as one of the best horology museums globally, with exhibits spanning five centuries of timepiece history.

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