A World of Wellness Awaits at THE OZEN COLLECTION

Article published at: Jul 30, 2022 Article tag: trends
Ozen collection
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Both OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI and OZEN LIFE MAADHOO are home to sprawling wellness complexes that are havens of inspiring tranquillity. Their ELE | NA Elements of Nature spa and wellness is a part of both resorts’ all-encompassing holiday plans in which guests are treated to immersive healing experiences, with inspiring holistic therapies, alternative medicinal treatments, and personalised wellness dining options to choose from. With a focus on the various elements of nature, natural products, and sustainable practices, these paradises of peaceful pleasures hold within them a plethora of rejuvenating experiences. 

The goal is to establish ELE | NA Elements of Nature spa as one of the premier and sought-after wellness destinations in the world. We aim to promote unique trysts with healing that reflect every individual’s own spirit and soul.

Personalised Attention from Expert Resident Practitioners

Our resident practitioners provide immense know-how and services to guests who are embarking on a unique journey of wellness at our resorts. 

Gagandeep Singh leads the Integrative Wellness Therapy program at THE OZEN COLLECTION which includes restorative, healing, and invigorative treatments based on ancient rituals. The idea is to balance body and mind through the relaxation of muscle tension.  

Our Medi Spa at both resorts works to strengthen and rejuvenate the various layers of your skin to help it protect your body. For ultimate revitalization, explore a world of skin therapies with medi spa specialists, Michelle Tavazia at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI and Iyanu Okusanya at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO.

At OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, the Ayurveda therapies are led by award-winning Dr. G.N. Lakshman Bams, MD, MBA. An expert at paediatrics, eye care, ENT concerns, cancer therapy, general panchakarma, and nadi vignan from Kerala’s astavaidyas, he brings holistic wellness to the forefront of our spa services.