Adventure Travel Trade Association is preparing to host Adventurenext Fiji Summit in November

Article published at: Mar 10, 2024 Article tag: events
Adventure Travel Trade Association is preparing to host Adventurenext Fiji Summit in November
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Tourism Fiji is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) to host the inaugural AdventureNEXT Fiji event from November 20th to 22nd, 2024.

ATTA, a global organization committed to fostering responsible and sustainable adventure travel and trade, serves as a collaborative platform for businesses, destinations, and individuals in the adventure tourism sector. AdventureNEXT Fiji aims to spotlight Fiji as a burgeoning adventure travel destination while providing a platform for local operators to engage with international stakeholders.

Tourism Fiji CEO, Brent Hill expressed his enthusiasm stating, “Tourism Fiji is excited to be partnering with ATTA to bring the first AdventureNEXT event to Fiji in November this year. AdventureNEXT is where Fiji can position its adventure tourism experiences to a large audience of between 250-300 international buyers and media, who will in turn then spread the word about Fiji’s natural, cultural and adventure tourism activities to their audiences. While accommodation investment is vital, so too is enriching tourism experiences, particularly in adventure tourism, aligning with Fiji's offerings and opening opportunities for local entrepreneurs."

Shannon Stowell, ATTA CEO said, “Tourism Fiji sees a chance to enhance adventure tourism, tapping into a $300 billion market set to grow by 17% in the next 8 years.” “Having our first major event in the South Pacific is exciting and the fact that Fiji is taking such a leadership role by hosting is powerful. Fiji offers such amazing experiences and culture, and the ATTA cannot wait to put on AdventureNEXT. It’s even more special for me personally as Fiji was my first international travel experience back in 1986. I’ve had to wait almost 40 years to return and am really anticipating visiting Fiji again.”

With a diverse attendance including adventure tour operators, travel agents, and media representatives, AdventureNEXT Fiji will feature famils, keynote speakers, and workshops, enriching the experience for all participants and contributing over $1 million to Fiji's visitor economy.