Amanwana Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary. Remarkable Adventures In A Natural Paradise

Article published at: Jun 26, 2023 Article tag: celebrations
Amanwana Hotel, Bali
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A wilderness hideaway located on the beautiful island of Moyo, part of Moyo Satonda National Park, Amanwana reopens after its annual seasonal closure to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Over the past three decades the tented camp, one of the very first of its kind, has provided a base from which to enjoy the lush jungle vegetation and diverse wildlife, as well as exceptional waters for snorkelling and scuba diving and enjoy unparalleled access to the natural wonders of the region. In 2022, Moyo Island was designated a National Park by the Indonesian government, ensuring that it's spectacular landscape and diverse marine life is protected for generations to come.

With just 17 tents in total, visitors to Amanwana experience a true sense of seclusion, making it the perfect option for groups of friends or families to enjoy all to themselves. With jungle or sea views, light-filled interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows and open-plan living spaces, the tents offer a back-to-nature experience, in typical Aman style. To mark this milestone moment, the camp will host a carefully curated programme of unique and inspiring experiences throughout the year including a once-in-a-lifetime underwater exploration, getting up close with whale sharks, culinary masterclasses and locally inspired cocktails, and restorative sound healing under the stars.



Whale shark excursion

Brand new this year, embark on a bespoke excursion to come face to face with one of the world’s most majestic creatures. Located a short distance east of Moyo Island, Saleh Bay is home to one of the largest whale shark (Rhincodon typus) populations on earth with at least 103 known whale sharks inhabiting its waters. Unesco also recognised the presence of whale sharks in the bay, adding the area to its Biosphere Reserve list in 2019. Unlike other places in the world, whale sharks at Saleh Bay can be found year-round. In the presence of an experienced guide, there is opportunity to try and spot these wonderful beings at sunrise with a two-hour cruise alongside an interactive and informative lecture by Konservasi Indonesia accompanied by an onboard breakfast.

Diving to the outer reef

Amanwana Bay is a pristine marine reserve with a variety of dive sites that are as remote as they are beautiful. With the entire coastline of Moyo Island formally recognised as a conservation area, there is no better place to observe underwater life in a protected setting. The Amanwana Dive Centre caters to all levels of experience, with the option to gain PADI certification during a stay. The rich marine life ensures close encounters with sea turtles, moray eels, puffer fish, parrot fish, spotted rays and many more local species. Just a short boat ride away, explore three large reefs containing multiple dive sites with 100-year-old coral.

Turtle hatching

From November to April both Green and Hawksbill Sea turtles lay their eggs around Moyo Island. To support this annual activity, Amanwana has created a specially designated area on the beach, in front of the dive centre, to house rescued turtle nests. The nests hatch after a 60-day incubation period, with up to 150 hatchlings making their inaugural journey to the water’s edge – a truly remarkable and moving process to observe.

Stargazing cruise & Sound Healing Under the Stars

A magical experience for all ages, Amanwana’s stargazing cruise ventures just a short distance out into the bay on the resort’s traditional wooden outrigger Aman XIV. Out at sea, the captain turns off the engine and allows the boat to serenely drift beneath the dazzling canopy of stars. While soaking in the awe-inspiring natural surroundings, enjoy drinks and refreshments on the roof of the boat. New this year, there is also the opportunity for a spiritual practitioner to join the excursion to incorporate a sound healing session under the stars.


Underwater Wellness Retreat

This June, Amanwana will host its first Underwater Wellness Retreat, including sessions with visiting meditation practitioner Becky Surassamee, for wellbeing and diving enthusiasts alike. The first of its kind, this six-day retreat will harness the natural healing powers of the underwater world. The transformative wellness immersion features underwater meditation, breathwork, free diving, snorkeling and whale shark excursion.

Treatments on the seashore

Amanwana’s secluded Jungle Cove Spa, situated on the water’s edge, is a peaceful hideaway surrounded by turquoise waters and untouched reefs of the Flores Sea. Offering a less than traditional approach to spa therapy, the treatment menu blends Indonesian-influenced techniques with the very best of the East and the West. Featuring tranquil views of Amanwana Bay from an open-air double treatment room, with an outdoor shower and large sunken tub, the spa delivers relaxation and a chance to reenergize after a day of exploration.



Satonda expedition

Depart Amanwana on one of the camp’s boats, either Aman X or Aman XX, on a 75-minute journey to the volcanic island of Satonda, with Mount Tambora as its backdrop. Covered in tropical forest and home to local and migratory wildlife, there is plenty to discover on land as well as underwater in the surrounding reefs. From kayaking on the large salt-water lake in the centre of Satonda, formed by the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815, to jungle trekking, snorkelling, diving and even some deep-sea fishing, the day-long excursion offers something for everyone, alongside a picnic lunch on the beach or onboard.

Amanwana’s trekking trails

Set in the diverse landscape of Moyo Satonda National Park, Amanwana offers a variety of adventurous treks directly from the camp. Routes range from The Ridge Trek track, following the ridgeline above the camp which takes in picturesque views and quiet observation of Moyo’s animal and bird species, to the Crocodile Head Trail, an extension of the Amanwana Ridge track, presenting a panoramic view of the Flores Sea and surrounding jungle.

For those preferring to travel on two wheels, the resort provides mountain bikes for further exploration of the island. Visiting families can participate in adapted versions of the treks, as well as guided walks around the camp and, treasure hunts, using clues to scour the island in search of Kandaga.



Bakela Feast Dining

When it’s time to refuel, the traditional dining experience can be seamlessly enhanced for any occasion. From a celebratory beach welcome dinner to an arrival barbeque, relax with toes in the sand and bonfires alight, indulging in true island style. New this year, groups can immerse in local culture with a traditional Bakela Dinner. Featuring a menu of traditional Sumbawanese cuisine, the dinner is served in the typical picnic style, seated on the ground below the glittering night sky and accompanied by a Sakeco dance performance. For a more informal option during the day, picnics are arranged on request anywhere on the island.

Cooking Class with Ibu Halimah and visiting mixologist

Those looking to try their hand at creating an authentic Sumbawa feast, Amanwana offers an authentic cooking class with a local villager, Ibu Halimah. Hosted in her home in the local village, just a 10-minute boat journey away, experience a taste of the local cuisine with a variety of flavourful dishes showcasing the spices and produce of the region. A guest mixologist will also take over The Bar to create delicious combinations, shining a light on Sumbawa native ingredients such as local horse milk.

Ndiha Labbu – A Community Feast

A whole village affair, the local harvest festival will take place this July with Amanwana hosting a multitude of culinary events. Ranging from cooking the catch of the day in an open-air community kitchen with Chef Petty Elliot and long table dinners, to local performances, cooking and dining with the villagers and a blessing from Sandro, local Sumbawa priest, the festival celebrates local gastronomy at its best