Corinthia London Launches Partnership With The London Regenerative Institute

Article published at: Jun 11, 2023 Article tag: partnerships
Corinthia London Launches Partnership With The London Regenerative Institute
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Thomas Kochs, Managing Director of Corinthia London, is delighted to announce a new collaboration, commencing in February 2023, with the London Regenerative Institute (LRI), as part of the hotel’s ongoing commitment, not only to the hospitality industry, but also to championing prestigious wellness, health, and beauty partnerships.

The vision of London Regenerative is to bring together the world’s very best regenerative medicine practitioners and therapies. Founded by pioneering plastic surgeons, Mr Tunc Tiryaki and Mr Steve Cohen, who have dedicated much of their careers to regenerative research, the LRI comprises the very latest in longevity innovations, with the most cutting-edge personalised treatment protocols for reverse ageing. Mr Cohen and Mr Tiryaki are renowned for their ground-breaking work in facial regeneration, including the use of stem cells in facelift procedures.

The medical services will comprise Regenerative Surgery (performed at the Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea), Regenerative Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine & Longevity. The objectives focus on the latest, most progressive, and most effective regenerative treatments and remedies. Diagnostics will feature Skin analysis (Skin Consult AI), Biochemical testing, Epigenetic testing, 3D Body Scan, and Lifestyle Questionnaire.

Treatments will include Oxygen therapies (for body rejuvenation), Personalised IV Treatments, Personalised Supplements, Personalised Facial Regeneration, Aesthetic therapies (skin boosters, botox, fillers), and Beauty & Body therapies (hydrafacial, radiofrequency, PRP, micro-needling, and soft mesology).

“The London Regenerative Institute was founded with the vision of bringing together the world’s very best regenerative medicine practitioners and therapies to one of the world’s most luxurious hotels; Corinthia London. The launch of the LRI is a world-first concept and a huge milestone for patients wanting access to the very latest and most cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments for longevity, and an important hub for research and education in this field. We believe that ageing is a curable disease and epigenetic testing and personalised treatments hold the key to living longer healthier lives.” Commented Mr Tunc Tiryaki.

“Identifying disease before it manifests and employing preventative treatments and therapies is the gold standard solution to reversing ageing. London Regenerative is committed to offering the most advanced regenerative treatments personalised to the unique needs of each patient to optimise their health and longevity. We are proud to be partnering with Corinthia London, where patients will benefit from uncompromising service and luxury.” Added Mr Steve Cohen.

The LRI board also includes other leading innovators in the field, such as Mr Bryan Mayou Founder of The Cadogan Clinic who commented on the partnership "As a world-leading centre of excellence for cosmetic surgery, the Cadogan Clinic is delighted to be partnering with the London Regenerative Institute for regenerative surgery."

Treatments start from £400, and appointments for consultations can be made through their website and will take place in the hotel’s dedicated Lab Room located on the Mezzanine Floor.