ELE|NA Spa Celebrates World Environment Day with Gold and Silver Awards for Sustainable Spa Operations

Article published at: Jun 9, 2024
ELE|NA Spa Celebrates World Environment Day with Gold and Silver Awards for Sustainable Spa Operations
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ELE|NA Spa is proud to announce its prestigious recognition by the Sustainable Wellness Organization, receiving the Gold Award for Sustainable Spa Operations at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, OZEN LIFE MAADHOO, OBLU NATURE Helengeli By Sentido, OBLU SELECT Sangeli, and VARU By Atmosphere, along with the Silver Award for OBLU SELECT Lobigili and OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi.

This announcement comes on World Environment Day, a significant occasion spearheaded by the UN Environment Programme, one of Sustainable Wellness Partners. This year's theme, "Ecosystem Restoration" underscores the critical importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability, values that align perfectly with our ongoing initiatives.

Heidi Grimwood, Vice President of ELE|NA Spa, commented on the accolade: “This Gold Award is a testament to the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts of our teaь members across all properties. Each of our spas has appointed a Sustainable Ambassador who is constantly bringing new projects to life every month, ensuring that our sustainability efforts are continuously evolving and making a real impact. This recognition highlights our commitment to creating an eco-friendly and sustainable environment for our guests and staff alike.”

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The Role of ELE|NA Spa in Promoting Sustainability

ELE|NA Spa's recognition with the Gold and Silver Awards is a reflection of its comprehensive approach to sustainability. Each spa under the ELE|NA Spa brand has а dedicated Sustainable Ambassador responsible for introducing and overseeing new eco-friendly projects on a monthly basis. These initiatives include reducing waste, conserving water, and utilizing sustainable products and energy sources.

The Sustainable Ambassadors also conduct sustainable workshops for guests, teaching them how to make sustainable snacks, home essentials, and skincare products. These workshops provide valuable knowledge and practical skills, empowering guests to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives. By engaging guests in these hands-on activities, ELE|NA Spa extends its commitment to sustainability beyond its operational practices, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among its clientele.

The efforts of ELE|NA Spa are not only limited to operational practices but also extend to educating guests and staff about the importance of sustainability. This dual approach ensures that everyone involved with ELE|NA Spa is part of the journey towards a greener future.

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Commitment to a Greener Future

Heidi Grimwood highlighted the significant role that each team member plays in achieving these sustainability goals. The collaborative effort of staff, guests, and the broader community is essential in driving the positive changes needed to protect the environment. By continuously evolving their practices and setting new sustainability benchmarks, ELE|NA Spa is leading the way in the wellness industry.

The recognition from the Sustainable Wellness Organization on World Environment Day serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that dedicated sustainability efforts can have. ELE|NA Spa remains committed to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, ensuring that their operations contribute positively to the planet's health and well-being.