Fiji Tourism Industry Shows Commitment to Creating a Sustainable Future for the Island Nation

Article published at: Apr 27, 2023 Article tag: CSR
Fiji Tourism Industry Shows Commitment to Creating a Sustainable Future for the Island Nation
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Tourism Fiji proudly announced their membership with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) last month, which establishes and manages global sustainability standards in order to protect and sustain the  world’s natural and cultural resources. By joining the GSTC, Tourism Fiji and its industry partners have made a  commitment to work towards a more sustainable future for the islands. With a variety of initiatives aimed at  promoting awareness, driving positive impact and encouraging visitor participation, the industry is committed to  safeguarding Fiji's invaluable natural resources for future generations through these collaborative endeavors. 
Home to a pristine natural environment, including some of the world’s largest coral reefs and a unique living culture,  Fiji recognises the importance of sustainability and community engagement. Tourism Fiji is championing sustainable  tourism practices that reduce the environmental impact of tourism by reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions,  promoting energy efficiency, and conserving water and natural resources. Resorts and tour operators across Fiji are  helping to future-proof the industry by greening their operations and supporting conservation and community  initiatives. 
“We are proud to be among leading tourism destinations and companies around the world who have banded  together to create a better future for travelers and local communities,” said the CEO of Tourism Fiji, Brent Hill. “We  believe that sustainable tourism is the way forward and are committed to working with our industry partners to  make this a reality.” 
Fiji’s resorts and tourism businesses are spearheading significant sustainability efforts that range from installing  renewable energy sources like solar, going plastic free, reducing and managing waste and wastewater, to planting  organic gardens and offsetting carbon footprint through mangrove planting. Other resorts and businesses are  helping to preserve Fiji’s endangered and endemic species like iguanas and turtles, and conserving large swathes of  reefs, forests and islands in protected areas.  

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Fiji’s resorts and tourism operators have launched an array of sustainability initiatives ahead of Earth Day (April 22)  including: 

Nanuku Resort’s Batiwai Project Improves Local Marine Ecosystem 
From coral planting, reef conservation and shore protection activities to cultural activities such as traditional Meke  dancing and Kava nights, Nanuku Resort aims to lead the way in sustainable luxury through its sustainability program,  the Batiwai Project. The Batiwai Project features targeted initiatives that not only improve the local marine  ecosystem but also maintain the resort’s minimal environmental footprint and enhance the livelihood of resort staff  and local communities, all while protecting the natural settings and surroundings. Since the program started, Nanuku  has transplanted 10,620 mangroves along the Wainiyabia-Culanuku corridor and has planted and transplanted  around 600 coral fragments in the nursery and around the house reef.

Savasi Island Introduces Coral Reef Conservation Experience 
Savasi Island Resort offers a new 'Snorkeling & Coral Reef Conservation Experience’ with Matthew Norman and Sara  Carlson from Ocean Ventures, a sustainability focused couple with a wealth of experience in the diving industry and  a passion for preserving the marine environment. During this fascinating snorkeling trip to remote and pristine  Natewa Bay, guests tour a coral nursery and participate in a unique hands-on coral nursery experience, contributing  to the local community and marine conservation efforts in a meaningful and measurable way. 

VOMO Welcomes Fijian Marine Biologist Laisenia Rokoua 
Leading the way in its endeavor to ensure the preservation of its beautiful habitat in the South Pacific, VOMO Island  Fiji has committed to sustainability with its year-round eco-friendly practices. The sustainability-minded luxury resort  has built a freshwater bottling plant that provides guests with pure drinking water in sealed reusable glass bottles.  VOMO also recently welcomed Fijian marine biologist, Laisenia Rokoua, to join the team, leading guest excursions  to plant coral and educate travelers on the surrounding ecosystem. This last year Rokoua has helped foster three  baby turtles that washed onto VOMO’s shores, ensuring they are healthy before returning them to the sea. 

Wakaya Club & Spa Goes Crazy for Coconuts This Earth Day 
As one of the world’s most luxurious resorts, Wakaya Club & Spa is leading the way in their endeavor to ensure the  preservation of their beautiful habitat in the South Pacific, making a lasting impression, with less impact. This Earth  Day, guests at Wakaya can partake in a hands-on traditional weaving session and make their own Coconut Frond  Hats, Beach Baskets or Sasas (Fijian broom) using the branches from the tree. With sustainability and conservation  at the heart of Wakaya’s ethos, the property offers opportunities for travelers to engage with local Fijian experts  such as Luke Gordon of The Manta Trust to learn about the island’s initiatives to help conserve and sustain their  environments. To keep one of the world’s most stunning marine wildernesses intact, the Wakaya Marine Reserve is  known to house an array of Pacific coral fish, Hawksbill turtles, green back turtles, reef and hammerhead sharks.  Within this area Wakaya provides protection to over 16,000 square kilometers of marine life and rehomes numerous  species, including clams, until they reach a certain size. 

Captain Cook Cruises Encourages Guests to ‘Buy A Bottle, Plant a Reef’ 
Captain Cook Cruises Fiji plans to embrace the 2023 Earth Day theme, Invest in Our Planet, with two new exciting  initiatives for guests to participate in. Guests who join their Day Sail to Tivua Private Island on April 22, 2023 will  have the opportunity to participate in two programs that aim to contribute to conservation efforts above and below  the ocean: ‘Plant a Palm’ and ‘Buy a Bottle, Build a Reef’. Guests will enjoy allocated time on their Day Sail experience  to plant coconut trees and seedlings to help create a lively habitat above the ocean or plant coral frags to preserve  the 500 acres of coral reef that surround the island. 

Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa Offers Array of Sustainability Practices 
From protecting coral reefs to providing a safe haven for bees, Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa is committed  to sustainability through a variety of eco-conscious programs, including their new Community Care Fund program,  ongoing Coral Reef Restoration Project, Rise Beyond The Reef partnership, the Honeybee Project, and Food Waste  Management program. 
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