Grand Hyatt the Red Sea - an Ambitious Tourism Project

Article published at: Dec 23, 2021 Article tag: openings
Grand Hyatt the Red Sea - an Ambitious Tourism Project
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Hyatt Hotels Corporation has announced that Hyatt as a partner has joined the Red Sea Development Company for a hotel on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. This will be an ambitious project by Red Sea and Hyatt hotels collaboration for a Grand Hyatt Hotel of 430 rooms on Shaura Island. This hotel will be a luxurious addition, the largest of the 11 hotels set on Shaura Island. It will be the largest hotel on the Island, the second largest in the Kingdom, and the Seventh largest in the Middle East. This Grand Hyatt hotel will mark an important milestone in development strategy in the region. 


The grand hotel is located very close to the area, which will become Red Sea International Airport in the near future. Grand Hyatt the Red Sea will be reachable with no trouble from both national and international markets. It is located on a location that is the only position in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to benefit from soft temperatures around the year and is habitat to one of the chief barrier reefs in the world. An attractive blend of suites and huge regular rooms will offer guests a relaxed and expensive place to discover the continuous magnetism and varied ecosystem of the area. The outstanding food and beverage setting and the huge range of amenities, which will consist of a marina and golf course, will add to the magnificent experience of this world-class setting for its guests. The Red Sea Project is planned to add a new value to the sustainability of Saudi Arabia and bring it forward on the international tourism map. 


Photo credits Hyatt Corporation