Hilton Ranked Third in the World's Workplace Rating

Article published at: Nov 21, 2021 Article tag: trends
Hilton Ranked Third in the World's Workplace Rating
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Hilton Hotels has been ranked #3 on the list of the top 25 companies of the World’s Best Workplaces. For the sixth year in a row the Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work pick the company for its culture, benefits, and inclusive environment provided for the Hilton team members. 

As per Chris Nassetta, president and CEO of Hilton, the company aims to build a culture that supports its employees at every step of their personal and professional journeys. Hilton also provides attractive benefits to both hourly and salaried staff, including expanded parental leave, adoption assistance, and extended bereavement leave. Hilton also started a support campaign for Team Members’ mental wellness, providing new tools and resources, and leaning on Hilton’s established culture of well-being. 

Hilton was also named the top place to work in Argentina, Canada, China, Germany, Turkey, and the U.K., with a workforce spanning nearly 136,805 people across 119 countries and territories.