HOSPA offers complimentary passes for the annual conference

Article published at: Oct 4, 2021 Article tag: innovations
HOSPA offers complimentary passes for the annual conference
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The annual conference of the Hospitality Professionals Association, HOSPACE 2021, is welcoming hoteliers to the event without an entry fee – to increase access to hoteliers in need for support and guidance around the factors impacting the sector.

While the industry was hit hard by the recent pandemic and many other issues, HOSPA is inviting anyone who would like to join HOSPACE for the first time as it seeks to facilitate improved accessibility for operators looking to learn from the expertise on offer.

The event, which is set for 18th November at the Royal Lancaster London , will focus on various topics, including the impacts of COVID-19 on the travel industry, new trends in technology, sustainability and climate change, staffing and engagement issues, and more.

The 2021 edition of HOSPACE is set to be a dual affair, with HOSPA partnering with HTNG, a leading US trade association, to share hosting responsibilities, as is seeks to build upon the success of the 2020 hybrid event, with the 2021 edition set to consist of physical attendance and the option to attend virtually for international delegates. Initial planning for the event estimates 400 guests will attend in person, with capacity for another 500 to attend remotely thanks to the use of virtual technology.

Besides the day conference, HOSPA is adding an evening dinner event, with a series of recognitions for COVID heroes and inspirational leaders of the industry, from the departments of finance, revenue manager, marketing, IT, and more.