Madinat Jumeirah’s Talise Spa Redefines Wellness With Launch Of New Programme

Article published at: Jul 8, 2023 Article tag: wellness
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Set within the tropical gardens and azure waterways of Jumeirah Al Qasr, Talise Spa diversifies its offering with exclusive multi-dimensional wellness modalities to perfectly balance emotional and physical wellbeing.

Developed by leading industry practitioners, Talise Wellness encompasses four crucial pillars of wellness – Mental Wellness, Mindful Movement, Internal Wellbeing, and Restore – each with a vast array of therapies, treatments, nutritional guidance, and meditation to cater for guests’ unique requirements, resulting in a truly personalised approach to wellbeing.

The ‘Mental Wellness’ pillar emphasises the importance of mental health and emotional support. Activities and holistic treatments include breathwork coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation work and more, to help guests achieve a balanced state of mind, support emotional detox and find relief from stress and depression.

The ‘Mindful Movement’ pillar optimises inner calm and strengthens mindfulness through physical movement and meditation. Talise Spa offers a wide range of yoga classes and guided meditation work, using advanced technology to deepen the connection with inner peace and achieve emotional and physical balance.

The ‘Internal Wellbeing’ pillar recognises the importance of mindful eating habits, promoting a balanced diet comprising of wholesome ingredients to enhance overall vitality. At Talise Spa, guests will be supported in their wellbeing journey through coaching and consultancy services in nutrition, naturopathy and ayurveda: the central theme is prioritising “feeling good overlooking good”, with a selection of vibrant and healthy dishes that are both nourishing and delicious.

 The ‘Restore’ pillar offers an extensive range of activities from therapies such as angelic reiki and crystal healing, to workouts like TRX (total body resistance exercise) and Pilates reformer, giving guests the chance to rejuvenate and replenish mind and body.

These four pillars are the foundation of Talise Spa’s new, multi-dimensional wellness offering, with unique and bespoke programmes designed to promote wellness and rejuvenation whilst aligning with the guest’s individual needs and preferences.

Guests can choose whether to enhance theirvitality with the “Recharge” programme, address the root causes of routine imbalances through “Sleep”, or join the “De-Stress” programme to release any physical tension. Expectant mothers can also find holistic support for them and their bumps in entering the new chapter of motherhood with the “Mother-to-be” pillar, while “Women 360” provides healing therapy for every stage of a woman’s life and needs.

The spa’s programmes also include some of the most innovative treatments in the wellness industry, including Lucia Light Therapy, that promotes relaxation through a unique combination of light, sounds and meditation, and therapies aimed at the promotion of balance, flexibility and strength like Tai Chi and Qi Gong, or the improvement of emotional balance and wellbeing through intuitive energy healing. Specific body areas can be targeted to improve circulation through Reflexology, while PSYCH-K energy psychology helps guests to focus their thoughts through subconscious reprogramming.