'Power of Travel' Campaign by Marriott Bonvoy

Article published at: Dec 10, 2021 Article tag: innovations
'Power of Travel' Campaign by Marriott Bonvoy
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As the year of limited traveling is over, Marriott Bonvoy is back in India with its new global campaign named ‘Power of Travel.’ Marriot, being the International award-winning travel program, aims to encourage and inspire travelers. This new campaign by Marriott Bonvoy offers an endless experience regarding traveling. 

They gently remind people that traveling holds power and can reshape the world. Marriott Bonvoy includes an extraordinary portfolio of 30 brands which adds richness to the experience of travelers. They offer luxury and exclusive benefits, promising the safety of travelers so that they can diversely experience their adventure.

In today’s era, traveling has become more relevant now due to a longer lockdown. This long period of stagnancy demands the traveling industry to offer the best offers. Indians are keenly expressing their interest in resuming the travel, but safety is their top-most priority. 

It has been seen that domestic tourism is growing steadily, and a recent survey reveals that 57% of Indians express their interest in traveling internationally for vacations within three months. Everyone is seeking refuge in reconnecting with their families for leisurely pleasure and joy, which can only be achieved through traveling.

Marriott International has brought this campaign of ‘’Power of travel’’ which is a sort of inspiration for people who are eager to step out again to explore the world since the travel sentiments in India are now at some ease. 

The Marriott Bonvoy’s are expanding their chain of hotels in India and offering a diverse range of benefits that members can avail of on their next holiday plan. Their new tagline ‘’Where can we take you?’’ evokes personal and spiritual destinations and physical destinations when people travel.

Photo credits Artem Beliaikin