Relegance Collection announces expansion with launch of Punta Conterie, a dining, art and design destination on Murano, Venice

Article published at: May 22, 2023 Article tag: openings
Relegance Collection announces expansion with launch of  Punta Conterie, a dining, art and design destination on Murano, Venice
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Boutique Italian hospitality group Relegance, ‘The Unexpected Collection’, has embarked on a new venture on the Venetian island of Murano, with the opening of Punta Conterie. 
The collection, consisting of two five-star hotels (Palazzina Grassi in Venice and Rosapetra Spa Resort in Cortina), aims to share enriching Italian experiences with guests. Punta Conterie is an exciting addition that diversifies the Relegance portfolio as the waterfront location will bring together a restaurant, exhibition space and culture, all conveying the story of the Venice lagoon and its traditions. 
Punta Conterie is a careful restyling of the former Conterie di Murano, one of the buildings in the industrial area known around the world for artistic glass production. An urban redevelopment project of the area commenced in 2019, led by owners Alessandro Vecchiato and Dario Campa, who have now entrusted the management of Punta Conterie to Relegance Collection. 

Punta Conterie: riapertura graduale da marzo per food, shopping e mostre
The destination is a hub with multi-faceted charm, where glassmaking traditions, visual arts and new experiences are centre-stage. Punta Conterie, meaning ‘little glass pearls’, will celebrate the history of Murano and entice visitors of Venice to explore further afield. 

Antonio Onorato, CEO of Relegance Collection, said: “I am convinced that the excellent work already set up by Vecchiato and Campa, combined with our expertise in the world of luxury dining and hospitality, will make Punta Conterie a landmark in the food and wine and lagoon lifestyle offering. We anticipate the opening will also help to boost the island of Murano, which is currently undergoing positive development, with the opening of a few high-end accommodations. Punta Conterie is a unique place to enjoy and take in Venice’s tradition, culture and innovative gastronomy”. 
The Vetri restaurant terrace is a scenic place for dinners and private outdoor events, with its view of the three main canals of Murano. The indoor areas, Sala Camino and Sala Privé, and Vetri Bistrot on the ground floor, complete the location’s dining offering. Chef Johnmark Nanit, in collaboration with Fabio Manni, Executive Chef of Relegance Collection, proposes a gastronomic journey built on the scents and flavours of the Venetian lagoon, along with the highest-quality seafood in the region. Luca Kelm, Bar Manager at Relegance Collection, is at the helm of the bar offering. 
A 200 sq. m. concept store on the ground floor will be dedicated to the worlds of art and design. From pop-up events, to exhibitions in partnership with contemporary brands, the space will house a calendar of exciting and one-off events throughout the year. 
Relegance Collection brings its signature hospitality to Punta Conterie, aiming to raise Murano’s profile on the international cultural and gourmet map, thanks to its innovative food and wine offerings and unexpected experiences. 
Relegance, ‘The Unexpected Collection’, is a new brand born from the success of Palazzina Grazzi in Venice. In 2022, the group expanded with the addition of Rosapetra Spa Resort in Cortina. Focusing on the luxury boutique hotel segment, with 25 rooms and suites in Venice and 33 in Cortina, the collection brings a new generation philosophy rooted in traditional Italian hospitality with glamourous and lively properties providing authentically local stays. In 2023, Relegance Collection announced the opening of Punta Conterie, a new dining, art and design destination on the Venetian island of Murano. 
Relegance plans new acquisitions to further expand its portfolio of five-star hotels where one-of-a-kind events, gastronomic excellence and personalised experiences all come together.