Sheraton Centre Toronto earns 5 key Eco rating

Article published at: Oct 25, 2022 Article tag: awards
Sheraton Centre Toronto earns 5 key Eco rating
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Marking as a leader in sustainability, the property implemented six new sustainability features, receiving the eco-rating from Green Key Global.

The newly transformed Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel earned a 5 Key Eco-Rating from Green Key Global, marking the hotel as a leader in sustainability in the hospitality industry. To earn the rating, Sheraton met all five of Green Key Global’s pillars of sustainability, initiating several new sustainability practices, many of which directly resulted from the hotel's largest renovation in its 50-year history.

“We recognize that our sustainability efforts do much more than benefit our bottom line,” said Tim Reardon, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel General Manager. “They improve the quality of life for our community as well as our guests and employees.”

Green Key Global’s eco rating consists of five key pillars: Develop a sustainability policy, engage employees, hire green suppliers, measure and track progress, get certified by a third party. Sheraton Centre achieved all five pillars, led by Director of Engineering, Nabil Mansour. Mansour attributes this success to the guidance of Green Key Global.

The hospitality industry has a lot of potential for growth in sustainability,” said Rebecca Bartlett-Jones, Manager of Business Development at Green Key Global. “Sheraton Centre Toronto is a pinnacle of sustainable accommodations, leading the way for our industry.”

One of Sheraton’s major initiatives which contributed to this certification is its partnership with suppliers like Lightenco. The seemingly simple act of switching from halogen to LED light bulbs reduced Sheraton’s annual electricity consumption by approximately 480,000 kWh and reduced its annual carbon footprint by more than 14,000 kg.

Another update in Sheraton’s suite of sustainable processes includes distilling all food waste into compost. The water released from the compressed food can be used for cleaning and watering plants, and the remaining, dry compost goes to local farms. Other sustainable adaptations Sheraton has made include recycling water where appropriate, installing a rooftop garden, installing high-efficiency LED lighting with smart technology in newly renovated areas and adding chiller plant manager to the building automation system.

Sheraton Centre Toronto joined Green Key Global in 2013 with the goal of reducing operating costs, carbon footprint and food waste. The result of Sheraton’s commitment to sustainability is receiving the 5 Eco-Rating from Green Key Global.