The Balmoral's concierge reveals Edinburgh's most haunted places to visit ahead of Halloween

Article published at: Oct 26, 2023 Article tag: events
The Balmoral's concierge reveals Edinburgh's most haunted places to visit ahead of Halloween
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Secrets of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile Walking Tour (12-minute walk from The Balmoral)

Scotland is renowned for its storytelling, which is a vital part of the country's tradition and history. The Secrets of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile takes guests on a journey through time, unveiling fascinating secrets behind Edinburgh’s famous, historic Old Town. Through stories told by the expert guides, guests can learn all about Edinburgh’s residents from past generations and historical figures, such as Mary Queen of Scots and Robert Burns.


Underground City of the Dead (7 minute walk from The Balmoral)

During The Underground City of the Dead tour, guests can venture into the most haunted section of Edinburgh’s Underground City, where a population once lived. Pitch black and filled with incredible history, these vaults were forgotten for centuries and only recently unsealed. Underground City of the Dead is researched and written by the award winning novelist and historical author, Jan-Andrew Henderson. The story of this hidden metropolis is told in his book The Town Below the Ground.


Hidden & Haunted (9 minute walk from The Balmoral)

During the Hidden and Haunted ghost tour, guests are taken on a dark and eerie journey through Old Town’s sinister wynds and closes before descending into the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults. During the tour tales, which are described as not fit for the glare of daylight, will be told – perhaps what’s spookiest of all, is that these twisted tales of history are all true stories. The ghost tour begins above ground, before making its way along the city’s narrow cobble-stone streets where murders, misdeeds and mischief once took place before entering the haunted vaults buried beneath ground.


Fright Night Tour (7 minute walk from The Balmoral)

The evening walking tour begins on the Royal Mile, where visitors are introduced to a costumed guide. The guide then reveals their identity which can be an unscrupulous surgeon or a misunderstood witch. Whatever their identity, they are filled with stories which will be told as visitors traverse the High Street, leaving behind the comforting streetlight to enter Greyfriars cemetery, one of the most haunted places in Edinburgh.


The Double Dead Tour (8 minute walk from The Balmoral)

This tour ventures into the South Bridge Vaults and the Covenanter’s Prison in Greyfriars Graveyard, where the infamous Mackenzie Poltergeist lives. An encounter with the poltergeist is the highlight of the tour, with hundreds of people claiming to have been attacked by the entity.  The MacKenzie Poltergeist is renowned as the best-documented supernatural case of all time, with it being the subject of books as well as television documentaries and newspaper articles.


Extreme Paranormal Underground Ghost Tour (9-minute walk from The Balmoral)

The Extreme Paranormal Underground Ghost Tour was created for those who are extremely brave. During the tour, visitors will explore some of Edinburgh’s most haunted locations both above and underground. Begin by visiting old wynds which lead to one of the world’s most haunted graveyards, along the way ghost stories about terrifying tales of hangings, torture, murders and witches, will be told.

The Balmoral, the iconic Edinburgh hotel that first opened its doors in 1902, is filled with over a century of stories, making it the perfect place to stay this Halloween. The Balmoral is within walking distance of ghost tours and haunted locations, guests can spend their days and nights exploring the historical spots of Scotland’s capital before relaxing in the comfort of the hotel, ready to dissect and review the city’s terrifying mysteries.