The Chedi Andermatt enters the Metaverse with Worldline

Article published at: Nov 12, 2023 Article tag: innovations
The Chedi Andermatt enters the Metaverse with Worldline
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The Chedi Andermatt is taking Swiss hospitality into new realms, as it announces today its arrival in the metaverse. Tech-savvy travellers will be able to visit a new virtual showroom and book three exclusive packages for future stays at the five-star deluxe hotel.

The Chedi Andermatt’s arrival in the metaverse was made possible thanks to a partnership with Worldline. Visitors will be able to book three packages directly through the virtual showroom, and pay for future experiences and stays via various online channels, including cryptocurrencies.

In 2021, the hotel became the first Swiss hotel to accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most-used cryptocurrencies, for on-site payments at the property. Today’s announcement reinforces The Chedi Andermatt’s reputation as a crypto and digital pioneer, not just in the Swiss hospitality scene but on a global scale.

The metaverse is the internet of the future, overcoming the limits of today’s e-commerce platforms, aiming to facilitate payments and connetions between billions of people. Dubbed ‘Web 3.0’, the metaverse will extend the possibilities of work, socialising, shopping and payments in a three-dimensional virtual world. Worldline, already a leader in payment services, was the first payment provider to recognise the metaverse potential and create a showroom in this new universe.