Tourism Fiji Sustainable Step Towards Fiji's Green Future

Article published at: Aug 20, 2023 Article tag: CSR
Tourism Fiji Sustainable Step Towards Fiji's Green Future
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In a world where preserving our planet has become an urgent priority, Tourism Fiji is committed to sustainability and environmental conservation with the goal of preserving our natural environment for future generations. There is a dedicated Sustainability Officer working with the industry and driving efforts in this area.

Mangroves, vital ecosystems, play a crucial role in coastal protection, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity conservation. However, their existence is threatened by human activities and climate change, leading to their rapid depletion worldwide. Fiji's rich coastal areas, with their diverse mangrove species, have not escaped this challenge. Understanding the importance of mangroves in maintaining ecological balance, Tourism Fiji took it upon themselves to set an example in restoring and preserving these invaluable habitats.

Earlier this year Tourism Fiji had the honor of engaging in a meaningful dialogue with Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, organised by Fiji Airways. This special occasion showcased Fiji's advancements in eco-friendly practices and our dedication to promoting sustainable tourism.

As a World Environment Day initiative, together with the community of Yako Village in Sigatoka, Tourism Fiji planted over 160 mangroves, hoping for a greener and more sustainable future.

“The journey towards sustainability requires the active involvement of every individual, business, and organisation. At Tourism Fiji, we firmly believe that education and cooperation are the cornerstones of progress. Together, we can foster a culture of sustainability that permeates every aspect of our lives” commented Tourism Fiji Sustainability Officer, Sunishma Singh.