Welcome to All-about-Luxury Glamping Hotel

Article published at: Nov 7, 2021 Article tag: openings
Welcome to All-about-Luxury Glamping Hotel
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The luxurious hotel chain growing within Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman, Shaza Hotels, has opened Mysk Moon Retreat in Sharjah. And it is set to become one of the most prominent destinations for desert adventure seekers, being an ideal destination for travelers who love exploring and immersing in nature. The hotel is located between the dunes of the Al-Faya mountains and Mleiha district in Sharjah.

The Moon Retreat is a must-to-go destination when visiting Sharjah, as it showcases the cultural and traditional heritage of the emirate. Mysk Moon Retreat features ten domes and six tents and is located deep close to the Mleiha Archeological Centre. Most of the rooms contain barbecue terraces, temperature-controlled pools, and scenic views of the desert and sloppy mountains.

Mysk Moon Retreat targets adventurous guests and encourages them to spend their trip in a relaxed way, offering different activities for day and night time. The range of leisure options include paragliding, horseback, dune bashing, and trekking in the daytime. At the same time, nighttime offers barbeque dinners with an immense touch of Arabic experience, coffee ceremonies, and stargazing. 

The founders of Shaza Hotels explain that they have created the Mysk Retreat Brand to bring the guests together for an intimate experience. Their partnership with Shurooq aims to provide a world-class destination experience in a memorable way, with a Mysk Retreats chain planned to be developed in the future. The collection will consist of bespoke retreats offering immersive experiential destinations for curious seekers.

Photo credits Ivan Rivero