World Mangrove Day celebration at Plantation Island Resort: Embracing Nature's Guardians

Article published at: Aug 3, 2023 Article tag: celebrations
Hotel News: World Mangrove Day celebration at Plantation Island Resort
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Plantation Island Resort in Fiji joined the global celebration of World Mangrove Day on July 26th as their continued commitment to enhancing the natural environment and sustainable tourism practices. As an island destination, the resort recognizes the crucial role mangrove ecosystems play in protecting coastlines, supporting marine life, and mitigating climate change. To date, Plantation Island Resort has planted over 1,000 seedlings by engaging visiting international children and local community students in regular environmental and conservation activities.

Mangroves, nature's coastal guardians, play a vital role in protecting Plantation Island Resort and countless other coastal regions worldwide. These resilient ecosystems act as natural barriers, shielding the resort from natural damage, cyclones, waves, flood, erosion, and rising sea levels. They maintain water quality and clarity, filtering all pollutants and trapping sediments. Mangroves rich biodiversity also offers a haven for marine life, enriching snorkelling and diving experiences for guests.

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On July 26th - World Mangrove Day, Plantation Island Resort reaffirmed its dedication to preserving these vital ecosystems through a day of activities offering educational programs for kids, teens and adults alongside Marine Biologists and Activities staff, inspiring positive changes in daily habits to reduce their ecological footprint. Island's visitors are encouraged to plant a mangrove as Plantation Island Resort paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future, ensuring that the idyllic beauty of Fiji thrives for generations to come.